let's get social

some hints and tips to simplify your social life...



Know your audience – learn about your followers (no stalking please)

Post meaningful content - offer insider intel, sneak peeks, hot tips and exclusive promotions

Keep messages real - be authentic and stay true to you

Show up - use visuals and videos to tell your story and share news

Hear what peeps are saying and respond pronto - start conversations and build relationships




Make like Del Boy and sell sell sell –  instead educate, inform and entertain

Overload peeps with too much information - keep it light

Be generic - show that you’re unique to stand out from the crowd

Be negative – positive vibes only please

Forget to network – and keep one eye on the competition


How often should I post? 

Twitter – several times a day because the stream flys off your screen so fast
Facebook – once or twice a day so not to overwhelm, every other day works
LinkedIn – enough to remain active, constant updating is not necessary
Instagram/Pinterest – whenever you have a sassy image to share with the world

Of course, there's loads of other platforms out there (snapchat, tumblr, flickr, periscope, vimeo, you tube and Google+ - you get the picture), and things are evolving all the time - so expect new ones to pop up fairly fast.

Spend some time researching which is right for you and which will get the best results for your business. 

Happy Posting!

Jo & Helen