hello 2016

We've decided this year will be different. We could start it off feeling bad about the Christmas excess, lack of exercise and things we want to cut out or change, but we won't.


Instead we've decided to make a list of all the things we love and want to do more of in 2016 to make life even more fun and keep things interesting.


Here's our 'peas of wisdom' for a rounder, fuller life...


The unknown - try something new whenever you can. Even if it's painting your nails pea green or eating a kumqhat for the first time, new experiences rock


Please yourself - adult colouring books, The Kardashians or crocheting vegetables - if you love it, make time to do it!  Even an hour a week can make a big difference to your mental wellbeing


Be afraid -  do something that scares the crap out of you as often as you can. It's totally exhilarating and you might even surprise yourself and overcome your fears (on guard spiders)


Random acts - be kind, however small the gesture it could make someone's day and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Whether you're helping someone with their bags or crossing the road. If you see an opportunity to help, don't be embarrassed - take it


Indulge - enjoy life's pleasures (so maybe a salted caramel profiterole is not on the agenda everyday) but don't deny yourself the things you love. Do it in moderation - a warm freshly baked roll today, a pea and mint salad tomorrow... 


Do - learn something new this year. Maybe a new language or do you fancy yourself as the next contestant on Strictly - you're never too old to pick up new skills


Explore - find new places to go and new things to see, it awakens the soul and sets the imagination free


So that's what we'll be trying to do more of this year, how about you guys?


Helen & Jo x