waxing lyrical about the latest hot products

My love of candles has been a slow burn (pardon the pun)! It's not really been on my agenda until recently. I mean sure, I like a room to be well lit and there's nothing nicer than the glow from a candle or two, but scented candles are a whole different ball game.

The right fragrance can really lift your mood and put a spring in your step. So when I do get some precious 'me time' I love nothing more than a hot bath, glass of wine and a scented candle for company. 


Our favourite new home fragrance brand Willow & Honey was born out of love and is on a mission to breathe a dose of serenity and luxury into every home.  A family run business, the candles are handmade by two sisters in the heart of the English countryside. 

Beautifully presented, you'll be more than happy to scatter these babies around the home. And none of that nasty paraffin wax, they use 100% natural clean burning soy wax so you can rest easy, mixed with unique fragrance combinations inspired by nature.

With two ranges to choose from, the Cotton Wick Collection and the Wooden Wick Collection - a unique find from down-under, that gives off a light flicker and soft crackle as it burns, not to mention a bigger flame thanks to the larger wick base, which helps the scent go even further around the room. 

This brand is one to watch, our current favourite is Black Pomegranate, £27 for 50 hours burn time - its all about the opaque black glass, moody black wax, wooden wick and a fragrance to get lost in - edgy and very cool. LOVE!


Neom Organics latest offering has got me off my seat, their Intensive Skin Treatment Candles look stunning, dipped in real gold it feels more like a piece of art that deserves a place on my shelf, rather than melted and poured on my skin. I know it sounds more like a scene from one of Madge's movies, rather than a beauty must have right? But bear with me here.


Available in two fragrances 'Real Luxury' a scent to instantly de-stress and 'Tranquillity' a scent to sleep, each £36 for 140g. Both have been specially developed and formulated to care for dry, stressed skin in need of nourishment. Packed full of 100% natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, soyabean oil and almond oil, along with the purest essential oils. 

How it works... you burn the candle for at least 15 - 45 minutes beforehand so the fragrance can fill the room and really get to work, then blow out the candle and pour it on straight away - easy.

From the video it looks extremely luxurious and you only need a small amount. Hats off to Neom - I for one am sold.

This is heading straight for my lust list!

Helen x